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There’s no big secret here. Google gets most visitors and traffic on the web, followed closely by Yahoo and MSN. So if we’re going to beat our competitor at getting some search engine traffic what is required and where should you start?

First and for-most you have to realize that your companies website wont rank at the top of most keywords overnights, in fact it’s a lengthly process. It takes hard work to rank for high keywords so the key here is to start with keywords that you can target that don’t have a lot of competition. Niche keywords, cracks in the sidewalk where you can get traffic with little competition.

Next lets look at the specific engines, Google takes the longest for top rankings. I like to look closely at MSN search because my experience tells me that even though they don’t get anywhere the same amount of traffic, I can rank higher and faster there. So my action plan is to do keyword research specifically with MSN in mind. I use free keyword research tools available all over the internet. Here you can do keyword analysis, check keyword patterns and traffic patterns for your desired keywords to see how many searches are performed in the major engines, and also to find spin off keywords you probably wouldn’t have considered before.

So now we have chosen a keyword that looks good what's next? The answer is to check out the competition. There’s no point choosing words that you realistically will never rank for. The competition pays big money to be at the top so unless you have the same budget stay away from that game. Those so called gurus of the internet will squash you. My recommendation is to rank for terms that have less traffic and that makes it easier to get to #1.

So what am I looking for when it it comes to competition? Well we all know that relevant, theme related inbound, 1 way links from authority sites are the easiest way to rank #1 or at least in the top 10.

In fact it doesn’t take too many high quality inbound links to rank for thousands upon thousands of terms, so here is where the fun begins.

After you have uploaded your site and optimized the page with all the relevant HTML tags etc, gathering links to your page is the single most important task you can undertake to rank. I am not an authority on link gathering but here are a few suggestions.

Write high quality articles about your chosen subject, then submit them to the free article directories, here your article will be picked up by other webmasters and placed on their site with your link on them. This can create many many 1 way links very quickly for your page.

Write a blog about your site and then link to your site from it, then feed that blog using RSS or other syndication methods, this will also provide 1 way links and better results in the search engines.

Buy links. Yes buy them, a few high quality, theme related links with good Google Page Rank will help massively. These few ideas I use every day and many more to get traffic and beat the next guy in the engines, especially MSN.

So the only thing left to do after you have achieved a top rank for a number of keyword terms is to make money from them.

Know that you have the traffic you require you must know consider if you have the proper conversion tools in place.

Landing pages are you ultimate sales pitch. You want to use your best pitch otherwise you can loose out on a potential customer. The relevance of this topic will be saved for my an upcoming blog.

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