Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO?

There are millions of businesses on the internet and unfortunately for them, the majority don’t even have the most basic search engine optimization techniques in place to get qualified traffic to their website. Ultimately losing out on their online investment.

Optimized Reality will help.

On page search engine optimization will include writing titles, meta tags and alt tags to help increase your natural search engine rankings. We will also work with the code and navigation structure to insure it is search engine friendly. Once your website is primed in theses areas, you will be on the path of success.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click advertising is the most cost effective method of marketing in the industry today. We help you use Google Adwords and similar PPC engines to help boost your company's visibility and get more qualified customers - for a price anyone can afford.

We set up a PPC campaign that makes the most of your marketing budget with the best possible ROI.

We help your company take advantage of pay per click advertising so that you target the best potential customer interested in your product.

Be in total control!

  • Target people who are interested in your product.
  • Set your own budget.
  • Control how much you pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Only pay when someone actually views your website.

Landing Page and Email Optimization

Content is crucial to search engine optimization. Relevant and optimized content brings customers to your website and helps improve conversions. Great content improves the chances of inbound links to build your websites popularity. The appropriate use of keywords within the websites content and coding tells search engines spiders specifically how to rank you as well. We don't just focus on what happens on Google, Yahoo and MSN - we take a direct interest in your sales process. A landing page is your company's ultimate sales pitch. You can't afford to use anything less than your best sales approach.

A good analogy is a landing page is the page in a book containing the climax of a story. Where as the homepage of your website can be looked at as the overview of the book.

Benefit from your landing page!

  • We enter the conversation of your customers head.
  • Align PPC ads with optimized landing pages.
  • Increase conversions without increasing traffic.

Optimized Reality Total Optimization

Get Optimized for Reality with a total optimization. From A to Z we will cover everything. All services all included in this package. Optimize you return of investment today!